Digital TV Aerial, DAB and FM Aerial Installation

Offering a full aerial installation, repair and maintenance service, Connell Communications can supply, install and maintain all variations of aerials including digital TV aerials, high gain aerials, DAB and FM aerials on both private and domestic buildings.

CAI Plus and Registered Digital Aerial Installers

Being a registered digital aerial installer and CAI Plus accredited, you can be assured that you will be provided with expert advice and workmanship, when requesting an aerial installation, repair or re-alignment. All work is completely certified and carried out to professional standards in accordance with all accredited bodies.

Working across the commercial and domestic sectors, we can offer services to letting agency's, building companies, landlords and commercial premises, right through to home installations for the private sector across the East Midlands, Loughborough, Leicester, Nottingham and Derby. We will supply, install and maintain single aerial installations, shared installations, multi room installations and large communal systems for flats and shared accommodation.

As with satellite transmissions, HD signals can also be received over FreeView, by obtaining a FreeVeiw HD set top box, or by purchasing a TV with in built FreeView HD tuner. If you would like to take advantage of channels like ITV HD and BBC HD, as well as many more that are appearing every day, please contact us to see how we can help.

Digital FreeView

Not all aerials are capable of receiving signals effectively from a digital transmitter, if you have an old outdated aerial or are in a poor reception area such as Loughborough, you may not be prepared for the digital switchover. During the next few years, the UK is switching over from analogue to digital transmissions, this means the old analogue transmission will end. If your aerial is old, of poor quality or miss-aligned, chances are you will suffer issues picking up a digital transmission. In addition to this, you may also not be aware you will require a digital receiver set top box (FreeView), or a TV with in built FreeView tuner.

In the Loughborough area, supplied by the Waltham transmitter, the switching over to digital will happen in 2011, so make sure you are prepared, or you will be unable to view a signal on your TV.

Connell Communications can test your current aerial for strength and quality, check you have provisions for receiving a digital signal and provide a helpful service to explain how your FreeView digital receiver operates. We can provide experience and information on how to use your current equipment, and help you to make the switch today so you are prepared come the switch over time.

To find out when your area is destined for the big switch over to digital transmissions please visit the digitalUK site and enter your postcode for detailed information.